RUY LOPEZ OPENING- Steinitz Defense Deferred

The set of move order for Steinitz defense deferred in Ruy Lopez Opening is as follows:-

The possible moves that can be played by white is:-
  • Bxc6
  • d4
  • c3

(A) Bxc6 variation.

(B) d4 variation.

(C) c3 variation.

This is most logical response from white and Black has three responses mainly to this:-
  • …f5
  • …Bd7

Let’s explore …f5

Let’s have a look at very nice game between Caruana and Harekrishna:-

Let’s explore …Bd7

Look at this beautiful game between Karjakin and Andreikin:-

The Steinitz Defense Deferred is quite in fashion specially at higher levels. To have better grip of this opening It is always advised to see a good number of games on above lines.