Outpost: Knight on f5

Knight on f5:- A Knight on f5 is considered to be very strong, If White is able to create an Outpost there, then the sitting Knight becomes deadly for Black. (Of course similar is story for Black’s Knight on f4).

*To have better idea of an Outpost, it is recommended to read ‘Kasparov Octopus Knight’

Advantage of f5 Knight:-

  1. It gives huge advantage to launch attack on King side.
  2. There is tremendous pressure on g7 square as well.
  3. Often Queen and Rook get transferred to King side adding tremendous pressure to King side.
  4. There is huge pressure on h6 pawn and possible sacrifice on h6 is always on cards
  5. Sometimes Semi-Open file is there to support the Knight with Rook

In the following example it is illustrated how the pressure can be build up on King’s side:-

Let’s see an excerpt of a game between Alexandre and Ludwig where a beautiful sacrifice on h6 is achieved:-

Let’s see a game between two amateurs played on chess.com for more insights. The tactical Analysis has been done since mistakes and inaccuracies my be here in large:-