Kasparov Octopus Knight

Kasparov Octopus Knight is nothing but an Octopus Knight. The word Kasparov Octopus Knight was coined after Kasparov’s famous game against Karpov in WCC 1985. To understand an Octopus Knight it is vital to understand an outpost.

Outpost:– An Square in opponent’s camp which can’t be defended by any pawn. Such squares are potential outpost for a piece. A knight fits most on an Outpost. If an Outpost is created on 6th rank and especially on e-file & d-file then a knight occupying the square is Octopus Knight.

Here e5 square can’t be attacked by any pawn and hence, is a beautiful Outpost for Knight as shown below. The Knight is intact here-to be precise, as opponent has light square Bishop only.

Following points characterize it more clearly:-

  • An octopus knight has worth comparable to that of a rook.
  • It hinders the development of opponent’s pieces.
  • Often an Octopus Knight is supported by a pawn. And if exchanges take place, it may lead to strong passed giving huge advantage.

Let’s Look at the game between Byrne and Fischer. This game is also well known as ’21 Move Brilliancy’. Here Boby Fischer displays brilliancy and teaches how to play with Octopus Knight:-

Let’s look at an immortal game between Kasparov and Karpov at WCC 1985