Chess openings: Philidor’s defense


The Philidor Defence is a chess opening named after François-André Danican Philidor, who preffered and argued for it as an alternative to frequently played 2…Nc6 line. His objective was to challenge White’s centre by the move …f5 as early as possible. The Philidor Defense supposed to be a passive choice yet quite solid. It is certainly a good opening for amateurs- players who are still not aware of much of theory. The move order is as follows:

There are two moves played by Black usually:-
  • …Nf6
  • …Nd7

(A)..Nf6 variation aka philidor defense nimzowitsch variation:-

(B)..Nbd7 Variation aka Hanham Variation:-

The theoretical part ends here and the game goes into middle part hereon

Game Glance:-

To have better idea of an opening it is vital to see as much game as possible. Following that principle let’s look couple of games:-

Game-1: look at a game between two strong players

Game-2: look at a nice game below