Ruy Lopez Archangel Classical Variation


The Ruy Lopez (Spanish) has a long history and has been played time to time for past few centuries. It’s well known for its rich and strategic play. Not to our surprise, there are many variations to choose from but one that’s been enjoying a rise in popularity is the Ruy Lopez Archangel variation. Here two lines will be discussed in depth, old one and new one. The move order of the opening is :-

Here, we will look into two variations mainly:-
  • Bb7, Classical Archangel or Old variation
  • Bc5, New Archangel or New variation
In this article we will restrict to Bb7, Classical Archangel only.

Game Glance:-

To have better idea of an opening it is vital to see as much game as possible. Following that principle let’s look couple of games:-

Game-1: look at a game between Alekseenko & Grischuk

Game-2: look at a game between Hao & Xiangzhi

Note:- Out come of a game depends on all three parts of game i.e Opening, Middle and End. The purpose of learning an opening theory is to not allow your opponent to have decisive advantage in the beginning and get outplayed. The real fight always begins from middle part of the game.