Bishop Pawn Endgame

Introduction:- Bishop vs. Pawn endgames are not so complex as compared to Knight vs. pawns. Here in this article, lone … Read more

Petroff Defense

Theory: The Ptroff Defense is a popular Chess Opening with move order as follows:- e4e5 Nf3Nf6 There are many possible … Read more

Prophylaxis in chess

Definition: In simple words prophylaxis is stopping opponent’s idea. In the game of Chess one plays according to some strategies. … Read more

Kasparov Octopus Knight

A Knight on 6th rank and specially on e-file and d-file is Octopus Knight. It looks on eight squares and cramps the position of opponent. The word Kaparov Octopus Knightacquired popularity after Kasparov’s famous game against Karpov in WCC 1985

Grand Prix Attack

Grand prix Attack is a killer opening for White and still is, if black doesn’t play properly. Thankfully this opening … Read more

Evans Gambit Declined

Evans Gambit declined opening belongs to Italian Opening family. As we know the Evans Gambit begins with Here Black has … Read more